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ThermoStretch - Heated Neck Stretcher

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ThermoStretch - Heated Neck Stretcher

🏆 Awarded Best Neck Pain Relief Device in 2023

    4.9/5 by 13,169+  Happy Customers

Eliminate Chronic Neck Pain and

Buffalo/Neck Humps. Permanently.

Corrects Neck Posture and Relieves Pain or your money back!

  • Corrects neck posture almost instantly
  • Instant relief chronic neck pain & neck humps (no harsh pain killers)

  • Improves Blood Circulation and Reduces Swelling & Inflammation

  • Scienced Backed & FDA Approved

  • Combines Heat Therapy & Human Simulated Massage

  • Your Own In-Home Physical Therapist (Save $1,000's Annually)

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  • Instantly Relief Chronic Neck Pain & Neck Humps (no harsh pain killers)

  • Prevents & Relieves Neck Injuries (no risky surgeries)

  • Corrects Neck Posture Instantly
  • Treats Herniated Disc and Spinal Problems

  • Reduces Neck & Back Muscle Strain

  • Your Own In-Home Physical Therapist (Save $1,000's Annually)

How Does ThermoStretch Work?

ThermoStretch is a device designed to provide relief and relaxation for the neck muscles through a combination of heat therapy and gentle stretching. Here's how it typically works:

- Heat Therapy: Most heated neck stretchers incorporate heating elements such as infrared heat or traditional heating pads. These heating elements generate warmth that penetrates the skin and reaches the muscles and soft tissues of the neck. Heat therapy helps to increase blood flow to the area, relax tense muscles, and alleviate stiffness and discomfort.

- Gentle Stretching: Along with heat therapy, heated neck stretchers usually include mechanisms or designs that facilitate gentle stretching of the neck muscles. This stretching helps to relieve tension, improve flexibility, and promote relaxation in the neck and upper back.

- Adjustable Settings: Many heated neck stretchers come with adjustable settings for heat intensity and stretching intensity. Users can typically adjust the temperature of the heating element and the level of stretching to suit their comfort and preference.
Directions & How to Use
Note: Make sure to add a cloth behind your neck to prevent direct heated contact of your neck skin and ThermoStretch.
Step 1. Turn on heat mode and choose between low, medium, high.

Step 2: Turn on massage mode and choose between low, medium, high.

Step 3: Relax, Enjoy & Say Goodbye To Chronic Neck Pain & Neck Humps!

Shipping & Delivery

We have two warehouse operating in California and Chicago.

Shipping Time Frames (Contiguous U.S.)
- Standard Free Shipping (5-12 Business Days)
 -Tracked nationwide shipping for all purchases.

Risk-Free 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our device comes with a 60 Day Risk Free Guarantee. We're incredibly confident that you'll get relief from your neck pain, tension headaches and soreness with our device, but if you don't, please contact us at within 60 days of receiving the product.

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Say Goodbye to Chronic Neck Pain & Neck Humps! 👋

Neck pain is common. Poor posture — whether from leaning over a computer or hunching over a workbench — strains neck muscles.

When this happens, simple everyday activities like driving, getting up and down stairs, and even sleeping can become incredibly uncomfortable.

Chronic neck pain can also be a symptom of a more serious & deadlier problems if not treated early.

The good news is that this condition can be reversible.

Using the ThermoStretch Heated Neck Stretcher for just 30 minutes at the comfort of your home progressively solves the root cause of your discomfort by deep tissue massage using the patented human simulated massage technology of ThermoStretch and increasing blood flow. 

Permanently fixes your chronic neck pain.

Professionally Recommended To Treat Chronic Neck Pain & Neck Humps
Poor Posture
Herniated Disc
Chronic Neck Pain
Cervical Spondylosis
Pinched Nerve
Degenerative Disc Disease
Neck Strain
Tension Headaches

Over 13,169+ Use Our ThermoStretch

See Why Our Customers Love This New and Advanced Neck Technology

  • 60 day money back guarantee

Heal Chronic Neck Pain & Neck Humps Permanently

Neck issues keep coming back and current solutions are not fixing the underlying causes.

After years of research & development, interviews and countless of prototypes & tests, the team at mLab carefully engineered the 3 most important elements against chronic neck pain.

The main innovation of the MedicPure ThermoStretch comes from combining the most effective solutions to neck pain:   

- Pain Relief: The application of heat therapy helps to increase blood flow to the affected area, promoting relaxation and alleviating muscle tension.
- Muscle Relaxation: Heat therapy is known to relax muscles and reduce stiffness, making it easier to move and improve flexibility.
- Stress Reduction: Beyond its physical benefits, the heated neck stretcher offers psychological benefits by helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

By combining the 3 most important concepts of neck pain the  ThermoStretch results in an instant relief of chronic neck pain and corrects neck posture back to its natural shape.

129% More Effective! 

How Does it Work?

Heat Therapy: The heating elements within the neck stretcher emit infrared heat or traditional heat that penetrates deep into the muscles and tissues of the neck. 

Muscle Relaxation: As the heat penetrates the muscles, it helps to relax them, reducing muscle spasms and tightness. This relaxation of the muscles allows for increased flexibility and range of motion in the neck and upper back.

Promotion of Circulation: Heat therapy also promotes increased circulation to the area, which can help to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, aiding in the healing process.

The MedicPure ThermoStretch uses targeted stimulation to provide vital elements that increase blood flow, eliminate inflammation and help restore the natural neck and back posture to its natural shape.

Easy, Safe & Effective

Treating chronic neck pain is very important to improve quality of life, physical function, psychological well-being, and long-term health.

Untreated chronic neck pain can lead to complications such as muscle stiffness, weakness, and decreased range of motion. Addressing the underlying causes of neck pain can help prevent these complications from worsening over time.

Chronic neck pain can contribute to secondary issues such as headaches, jaw pain, and upper back pain. Treating neck pain can help alleviate these secondary symptoms and improve overall comfort and function.

Chronic pain is associated with negative health outcomes, including increased risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, and decreased immune function. Treating neck pain can contribute to better long-term health outcomes and reduce the risk of developing related health conditions.

That is why ThermoStretch is invented, designed and developed specifically made for people like you who deal with these issues daily.

It’s The "Cheat Code" To Getting Rid Of Chronic Neck Pain & Neck Humps!

No more spending $1,000's on expensive physical therapy, surgery, pills, & other "solutions" that just mask the pain, and don't solve the real, root cause of chronic neck pain.

Professionally Designed & Recommended

The MedicPure ThermoStretch has not only been tested by in-house experts, it has been sent out to dozens of well respected Physicians and Doctors to try out themselves and on customers that had the most severe issues.

It has been recommended by the majority of testers as one of the effective and best ways to get long term improvements.

Now you can get guaranteed results and maintain a healthy life that lasts - or your money back. Achieve long-term results for less than 1/5 the cost of a therapy session.

Why Buy From Us?

ThermoStretch Heated Neck Stretcher

Other Device/Medications

Lasting pain relief

Corrects Neck & Back Posture

Stops chronic neck pain

Affordable & At Home

Provides muscle tension relief

Natural & Drug-Free

Over 13,000+ Happy Customers

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • 60 day money back guarantee

Order the ThermoStretch Heated Neck Stretcher Today and get these bonuses:

  • FREE eBook that shows you more proven ways to relief your chronic neck pain completely and naturally.

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  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed - Not satisfied with the results? Send us a message before 60 days and we'll send your money-back hassle free!

  • 60 day money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help finding an answer to your question? Ask our customer support at

How long does shipping take?

We ship from several USA warehouses depending on your location. Average delivery time is 7-12 business days.

Is there a recommended time limit when using it?

With each purchase, we include an instruction manual. Please follow the guidelines. We recommend using our device for at least 15 minutes daily. Many of our customers achieve the best results by wearing it for 30 minutes each day.

How long until I see relief in my neck pain?

Instantly! Our ThermoStretch will provide instant relief from pain & tension the first time you use it. This will also correct your neck & back posture naturally back to its normal shape. With consistent use over a two week period you will gain benefits that last a lifetime.

What if it doesn't work for me?

Our device comes with a 60 Day Risk Free Guarantee. We're incredibly confident that you'll get relief from your foot pain and tingling neuropathy with our device, but if you don't, please contact within 90 days of receiving the product.

What is your return policy?

We are confident that our products work, and we encourage you to try them first for 21 days minimum and experience the full benefits of MedicPure. If you are still unhappy and wish to return the items, you may do so after 21 days, and within the 60 days period covered by our money-back guarantee.

If you have purchased the extended warranty, we will immediately issue a replacement of the product even after 60 days.

  • 60 day money back guarantee

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, then you may return your order for a full refund with no questions asked. 60-days Money Back Guarantee.

With 8,000+ 5-star reviews, we pledge to provide you with the highest levels of value, quality, and personal service available, so your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Seems like it�ll work

I only recognize the dedicated C type charger

PERFECT for neck pain and relaxing

It's nice to massage your neck gently.

Better than expected!!

I suffer with a lot of neck pain due to several disc bulges and herniations. This item gives me tons of much in fact I accidentally fell asleep using it.


Product is amazing. 10/10! When I talk about a massager that deep massages, I mean, this product gets the job DONE. So comfortable. The heater is amazing, my favorite part.. Love this!

Works well

Slightly uncomfortable to start with but helps pain in neck so well worth it.