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Won't regret it

My husband bought this for me as a gift and I absolutely love it. I have a desk job so sitting all day makes my feet and ankles swell due to poor circulation. This massager is amazing and feels so good on my feet. You will love it.


This foot massager is amazing. It felt like someone was massaging my feet. Highly recommend!

You won’t regret!!

Just Got my order today,ordered one for Mom and one for me literally I sat to try it and didn’t want to get back up ,it’s Anazing !!! Love it 🥰

Great for those on their feet all day

I bought this for my wife who is a new hair stylist. (entire day on her feet, 5 days a week) We both love it. She goes through all the settings and loves them all. I’m not a huge fan of the rollers under the feet but love the pressure setting where it inflated and deflated with air pressure. You can set that setting pretty high, and it does the trick. All in all, a really good machine makes a great gift for someone who is always on their feet.

Awesome massager!

Today I got this machine from MedicPure. It is so good and made my feet so relaxed and light, I really love it. Try it and you'll feel the difference in just one massage. I give 5 stars to this!

Comfortable for big and small feet

This massager is fantastic for people with small feet or large, wide feet like mine. You get a great shiatsu massage and compression massage at the same time with a wonderful heat feature option. You get two compression patterns and intensities and a great assortment of timer options. It's a really nice quality machine with a removable liner for easy cleaning.

Feels delightful.

Great machine. Feels delightful. But if you want a more intense “Shiatsu” workout on your feet, it can provide that too, just by adjusting the settings: mode + intensity. It has really helped within just a couple uses. I ended up buying some for family members.

I love this massager!

This feels wonderful! I am so happy with this machine. I have terrible issues with swelling in my ankles and feet, and this is starting to help. But it is also contributing to a better night's sleep. So relaxing.

After work, I get home and put my feet in this. This is so relaxing. It really works. They have a lot of massage options!

We're glad to hear you like it, Ken. Thank you!

Massages my feet and legs non-stop, tiredness, and it never complains. It arrived this morning, I already did 10 minutes session five times. It automatically shuts down every 20 minutes. I move my feet back and forth slowly in the pits, every part of my feet got treats. I wear 8 1/2 size shoes, by the way. It seems to me the foot compartments can host 15 inch feet. Very well packed.

Thank you, Sue! We're glad to hear that you like it!

My wife and I love it!!!

My wife and I LOVE this massager. We use it every single day and have had no issues with it. Great product!!!

Thank you for trusting us, Tyler! We're glad to hear that you both love it!

Very relaxing, worth it!

This is incredible, I will never pay for a massage again. Several reviews said it hurt I didn't think it hurt at all. I'm 5'3 and weigh 140. It would probably be even better if I was taller. Very relaxing and I definitely will be purchasing another one for my Mom who suffers from arthritis in her feet.

Feels really good!

I love it! Worth the purchase, I have no regrets in buying this massager! I’ll use it everyday. Well infact, i’m using it now. Feels really good.


I am on my feet all day long between my kids and cleaning up my home. At the end of the day, I just want someone to rub my feet. My husband does it but he doesn't do it nearly as long as I would like for him to. He bought this for me for my birthday so I can have a foot massage any time I wanted. The leg massage, vibration and heating parts were a bonus! I have a size 11 foot and my foot fits comfortably in the machine. My husband, however, wears a size 13 and his foot is squished in there and leaves him feeling uncomfortable during the massage. Luckily, he bought it for me! Over all I love it and can't wait to continue to use it over and over again.

This product is a great massager. Eased my back and neck with tension. Easy to operate!

Warm massage

This thing is amazing. The warm massager action hits all the right spots. The versatility is amazing and helps my mother with hip and leg cramps during the night.

No need to go outside for a massage

This is my 2nd one, but different brand I got the other one long time ago, everyone at the house love it. Save your money to go outside for massage. This machine is powerful, not like the other massager, it's so weak that you can't feel it. Probably one of the best massage machine I bought. It's def worth the money!


Since I come home from work, every night tired and sore and this seems quite good, I gave this a try. I’ve bought many massagers, but they never worked too well for me, so I doubted this product. When I received this product, I tried it right away. I was very surprised that this product worked so well. It helps with my places of tension and relieves for sore places.

Very comfortable

Easy access. All you have to do just put it over your neck, and it does all the work. Doing a lot of work in this quarantine life. So it's really helpful to relax and massage your muscles after a long hour of work. Also comes with heat system, perfect for winter.

Home massage

I always wanted one of these since I tried the chairs in the nail salon. I really like this it really gets in the muscles. I wish it had more setting options though and I wish It was a little workshop since I have a long torso. I would have liked this to reach my shoulders.

Very Relaxing

Really love it...after dealing with everything it's nice to sit down and have your own personal massager. Don't regret one cent. 😊

MagicScalp™ Wireless Head & Scalp Massager
Brand v.
Changed my life!

I didnt know how much I needed this until I had it in my life! Do you ever go get your hair done and never want the shampoo part to stop? That's this but whenever you want!

MagicScalp™ Wireless Head & Scalp Massager
Vincent Tu
Perfect for migraines

This is so good for a sore head or a headache. You simply click the button and it goes on. If you click the button again it changes direction. It’s a little annoying that to turn it off you have to press and hold on the button as that is uncomfortable, but it’s not terrible. I also wish the plug would stay plugged into the device rather than being removable because I think I lost the charger

MagicScalp™ Wireless Head & Scalp Massager
Easy product

The silicone nodules provide a great grip for a nice pressure without getting tangled

MagicScalp™ Wireless Head & Scalp Massager
Grace G
Love this massager

Let's start off by saying how much I love this massager. Something about the design and movement really makes this massager works. Also, my dogs really, I mean really enjoy this massager as well. Definteltworth the money. The only small suggestion would be to add additional speed to it.