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Electric Lumbar Massager with Heat
Helps my lower back

This was a great help for my lower back pain. Buy this if your wondering as it is a great product

Best body pillow ever

First and foremost both of the pillows came several days early. I am not pregnant but I am having issues with siatica. The pillows came out of the plastic easily and fluffed up pretty big in a few hours (I didn�t wait the full 48 hours recommended).
I have nothing BUT great things to say about my pillow. I loved it so much I bought my mom one.
As you see in the photo the pillow creates a little nook on your bed and that is the most heavenly spot now. My side and hip no longer has pressure and I can sleep much better.
I have found about 10 different positions for the pillow one of which I sit and read or watch tv.
If you are looking for something like this to alleviate pressure or something just to hug you at night stop searching and purchase this pillow!

Soft and comfortable

I'm 5'7 and it wraps around my whole body it's soft and the washable fabric is comfortable. It came out the box like this so in 48hrs we'll see if it fluff's up but is wow fluffy already

Electric Lumbar Massager with Heat
The best of the best pain has gone ????

This is the best thing ever in my life, Im a taxi driver I do more than 10 hours everyday, when i get back to home my back hurts so much, now with this amazing machine I can tell you i dont have no more lower back pain

Best pillow purchase ever

Omgggg this is the best pillow ever. When I first saw it I was like, there's not a lot of fluff to it but then I got in it and this is a game changer!! I�m 15 weeks pregnant with twins and I get so uncomfortable at night. This pillow hold supports in every way possible. The little detachable part I put between my knees. And the long part on the other side can fold up easily so you can get passed it to get out of bed in the middle of the night to pee. By far the best pillow I�ve ever had. I love it so much!! Even my husband gave it a try and liked it! Lol

Excellent. Perfect pregnancy pillow! Highly recommend only this one!

If you are pregnant urgently buy this pillow! This particular pillow! I don't even know how I could manage the entire pregnancy without her. Perhaps this is the best invention for pregnant women. It is very comfortable to sleep with her, just lie and read a book or sit at a laptop. The removable part of the pillow is very convenient, it can be moved as and wherever it is convenient. I unfasten it because my husband loves to hug me at night, so she does not interfere, but she perfectly helps in everything else. The material of the pillow is of high quality, pleasant to the touch, easy to take off and put on when washing. The material inside the pillow is excellent; it has not deformed, sagged or strayed during the entire pregnancy. I am very pleased with the purchase. I will not be able to part with this pillow even after childbirth.

Best. Pillow. Ever.

Quite literally the best sleep i�ve gotten since I�ve had to quit sleeping on my stomach. I couldn�t stop thinking about this pillow all day. I love it and will use it even when I�m not pregnant.

Electric Lumbar Massager with Heat
Samuel Sunday Awonusi
Good product with value for money

Product quality is amazing. I have used it for about 5 days but I can boldly say it's adding value to my health already.


Shipping was great, it came vacuum packed. You have to let the pillow air/fluff out for 48 hours. The pillow itself had an �factory� smell but it did go away after airing out. Threw the cover into the washer as soon as it arrived. Cold/gentle cycle and air dried. No damages coming out of the washer and still had the soft velvet feel to it. As soon as I laid in it I was in heaven.


This was the best thing I�ve bought in a very long time I got the best sleep last night with my growing belly the nights have been uncomfortable now I sleep like a baby Thankyou for this pilliow!!!

LOVE IT!! Super soft and comfy!

Just got it and already feel snuggled and comfortable with it! Has awesome cooling sensation that I definetly need being pregnant and now body is hotter than ever. I am a side sleeper so I love to hug pillows or even have something between my legs and it�s perfect size for that. It does look a bit lumpy right now because in that pic I just had opened it and took a picture of it on my bed. Mind you my bed is a huge king size one. So this tells you how big it is. I�m only in my first trimester but already started getting back pain and having disrupted sleep. No holes in it, not used, just perfect and came a day earlier!! Ahhh so excited because I can already tell this was worth the buy.

Electric Lumbar Massager with Heat
Juliana Rezende
A Lifesaver for Back Pain Relief!

I recently had the opportunity to use the Lumbar Traction Device with Heat, and I am genuinely impressed. This device has been a game-changer for managing my back pain and has significantly improved my quality of life.

The first thing I noticed about this device was its sturdy construction and user-friendly design. It's easy to set up and adjust to fit perfectly, ensuring a comfortable and effective treatment session. The included instructions are clear and straightforward, making it easy even for a beginner to use.

The lumbar traction feature is truly remarkable. It gently stretches the lower back, relieving pressure on the spinal discs and nerves. I've noticed a significant reduction in my back pain since I started using this device. The adjustable traction levels allow for a personalized treatment plan, catering to different pain levels and comfort preferences.

The heat feature is the icing on the cake. The soothing warmth not only enhances the relaxation experience but also promotes blood circulation, aiding in faster recovery and further pain relief. It's like having a personal physical therapist at home!

Despite its powerful features, the device operates quietly, allowing for a peaceful, therapeutic session. It's also compact and easy to store, making it a convenient addition to any home.

Good buy

Better than expected and a must have!! Great quality for the price

Awesome pillow

I love this pillow the quality is great . The material is soft and cool which is perfect
I run hotter now I�m 5months pregnant. It�s so supportive of my belly and my back aches are not as painful or often . Great product !

Great for the price!

This pregnancy pillow is HUGE! The photo I have attached is of it on my king sized bed. This is only after 24 hours of letting it fill out, but it is already quite firm and filled the cover well. I have yet to use it overnight because it is requested to allow it to fill out over the course of 48 hours. However, I did lay on it and it is jus the right amount of firm for the support I�m needing in my pregnancy.

Super comfy & supportive

I ordered the sage pillow. It came vacuum sealed but it fluffed up quickly. It�s pretty full and supportive. I�m 5�7 and able to sleep with it between my knees or lower legs. I�ve only slept with it one night so far so I can�t speak to longevity. Finally slept more comfortably!

Electric Lumbar Massager with Heat
Josefina Garcia
The device is useful for other parts of the body

I love it I use it every other day and it relaxes my lower back as well as my legs

So comfy

I have chronic pain and I use this mostly for when I'm just chilling and I love it! I love that I can just kind of adjust it however and support whatever hurts pretty easily with it.


I was looking for the perfect pregnancy pillow now being in my third trimester and noticed this one had very good reviews!! It shipped super fast and I took it out of the vacuum sealed bag and let it sit for 48 hours like they recommend. I�ve been using it for about a week now and have gotten so much better quality of sleep whether I�m laying on my left or right side there�s always support it is super comfy and fluffy not flat at all. I definitely recommend.

Electric Lumbar Massager with Heat
Great for Degenerative Disc Disorder

I have degenerative disc disorder and this is such a relief. 15 minutes using this before bedtime allows me to fall asleep faster and with less pain. My physical therapist was impressed with it.

Absolutely amazing

I am not pregnant but i purchased this pillow anyway and boy am i glad i did. I have gone through a lot if pillows in my life and this beats them all 100%. I even bought both of my grandsons one. I give it a 5 star. It alsi allows you to add or remove some of the stuffing. I actually like mine a little fuller so i took some if the stuffings from one of the 100s of other pillows that i bought and didn't like. I get why they call them maternity pillows but the are so much more. It keeps tge pillow in between your knees all night, it keeps cold air from going down your back, it keeps my arms fom goung to sleep. I absolutely love ?? ?? it

Electric Lumbar Massager with Heat
Interesting approach to stiff sore lower back

Pressure is sufficient to provide movement of lower back
Heat provides tension and pain support
Is well made

Fur baby loves this too!!

Love this pillow!! So does my fur baby haha

Best Full Body Pillow!

I am in love with my pillow! I was having back pain and this pillow made my pain go away. I sleep so comfy and cozy now, I don�t want to get up that�s how comfortable this pillow is! I totally recommend this! Also, it arrived sooner than expected! Thank you!


My man is a major cuddler so the idea of getting him a pregnancy pillow came to me ask a joke. But was actually the best idea ever! Maybe too good because at times I�m jealous of the pillow for taking all his attention and at times I�m jealous of him because I want the pillow