Benefits of Warm Massage Therapy This Winter Season

In all the fun things that come with winter weather, sometimes the freezing temperature is so unbearable that you have to force yourself to stay indoors and just cozy up in your blankets while enjoying a hot drink. 

Less physical activity results to a more stiff body with higher risk of muscle and joint pain as the weather gets colder, since you require more work from them in doing tasks that are normally easy to accomplish when the temperature is not below 32°F.

Having your usual massage has its benefits, for sure, but it is not enough to keep you comfortable this season. Get through winter in one piece, treat sore and stiff muscles right away using warm massage therapy and experience these relaxing benefits:

• Soft & Tender Skin

• Improved Blood Circulation

• Stronger Immune System

• Better Mood & Attitude

With all the extra layers and heavy winter gear that you have to wear, your skin is going to feel a little rough and brittle. Getting soothing, hot massages frequently during the cold weather is a great practice in keeping your complexion healthy as it prevents dry and chapped skin. Warm massage treatment is not just relaxing- it also increases circulation in your organs, joints, and muscles that results to a lower blood pressure and faster pain recovery thank to improved functions of all your bodily systems.

Although they are already common viruses; coughs, colds, and flu are so much easier to contract during chilly climates. A hot massage enhances your health as the increased blood flow also strengthens the immune system, making your body well-equipped to fight all kinds of infections this season. Another thing to watch out is your mood swings, as the gloomy weather might play a factor in making you feel lethargic and less enthusiastic. A massage helps in lifting your emotions as it guarantees to release happy hormones, important in maintaining a positive attitude after a relaxing, warm therapy. This is the reason you feel super happy after every massage, perfect in chasing the winter blues away!

So how do you get warm, satisfying massages without going out? Try our latest MedicPure home massage products and we promise, it provides the same relief and relaxation as booking an appointment at your local spa!

Ease foot pain and fatigue through water with our Heated Foot Bubble Bath Motorized Massager. Whether you’re doing house chores or working at the office, this is a great way to relax your feet after a long day- especially after wearing those big and heavy winter boots!

If you really can’t stand the cold weather and you’re constantly needing something to warm you up wherever you are, then the Portable Shiatsu Heated Massage Seat Cushion is perfect for you! Enjoy full body relaxation to combat back pain and other discomfort this winter while doing any kind of activity- place it on any chair and instantly feel the bliss of having a warm massage anytime!

Visit our products page and melt all your body pain and stress away this year to turn your cold, gloomy days into warm and fuzzy ones- just like everybody’s hearts this holiday season!

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